Global Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend is a hackathon and weekend accelerator. In its biggest edition yet (that we noticed), aspiring startups in some 60 countries will be hacking solutions to fight the bug, including in AE, CA, DE, FR, ID, IN, MY, PH, RU, SG, TW, UK, US(E), US(W). Happening online next weekend (Apr 24-26).

Some possibilities: facilitating a social distancing or lockdown economy, contact tracing that maximises tracing (bluetooth, GPS, WiFi) with scalable privacy, risk assessment of people and locations (eg if you are green rated, don't enter a red zone), supply chain security, smart cash, PPE supplies etc.

Big Data
How to use big data to fight the bug? One way is to find correlations in data gathered on location, consumption, demographics etc. For example, data analysis may find people who eat an apple a day have a better chance of fighting the bug. Find out more about big data vs the bug tomorrow (9pm GMT+8, Sun, Apr 19, 2020) in an online event hosted by BigIT, WTF and AA.

Pick of Events
For focus, we will be highlighting only one to two events per week. There are many more online events, watch out for them in your social media feed(s).