GamesBeat & IoT-Slam

A surprising number of international conferences have moved online. Here is a pick of three of them (one is shown below with a sample agenda, the other two are listed under online events with the location code 'US', the US being the host country of the conferences).

GamesBeat Summit 2020 info
  • Serious Money Going Into Esports & Gaming - Alina Soltys, Quantum
  • The Rise of New Independent Publishers - Michael Worosz, Take2
  • The Future is UGC: User Generated Gameplay - Matt Curits, Roblox
  • The Leisure Economy - John Linden, Mythical Games
  • We Are Who We Pretend to Be - Edward Saatchi, Fable Studio

Pick of Online Events (W2-Apr-2020)

Link Employee Retention @ KL tix
Link Remote Agile @ KL
Link Digital Mktg @ KL
Link Sapien v Simian @ KL tix
Link Online Base @ KL

Around The World
Link IoT Slam Live @ US
Link Virtual AI Expo @ US info
Link Product Mgmt @ JKT
Link Travel Innovation @ SG tix
Link Roman Art @ HK