Food Delivery Adaptions

F&B presents a case study of adaptation of an industry under a lockdown. Some observations by occasional customers:

  • Updated, better marketing collateral on web & social media.
  • Simpler, budget friendly menus.
  • Collaborative marketing (among close-knit eateries)
  • Order one day ahead (24 hours lead time vs on-demand).
  • Rise of whatsapp as comm channel, ordering at all hours.
  • New products: eg. ingredients in addition to cooked food. 1

Small Eateries
  • Example of small, nimble eateries that have gone online:
  • Otai (burgers), Mahjurah (roti), Breakfast and Kak Zah (nasi lemak).
  • (Otai is a conglomerate, shown here to represent burger stands.)
  • Smaller eateries and hawkers are mainly not online.
  • Most are unbranded, customers just know where they are.
  • Could be served by a food map, aggregated ordering & delivery.

Ordering A Day Ahead
  • Allows the eatery to practice 'just-in-time' food preparation.
  • Collect orders by 12pm for next day, order supplies as needed.
  • Deliver in bulk eg. 10 orders to one apartment block.
  • Vs 10 on-demand orders trickling in, fulfilling each individually.
  • Can self-deliver or via despatchers.
  • Two runs a day: lunch and dinner.