Electronic Signatures

How to sign a document during a lockdown? The British Chamber (BMCC) will be holding a talk on electronic signatures and other legal topics on Mon, Apr 27th, 2020. Slouched in your chair while working from home? Check your posture at a talk organised by the Dutch Chamber (MDBC) on Fri, Apr 17th. People used to banter (and barter) a lot at markets, whatsapp may be bringing a bit of this back. Find out more about conversational marketing on Wed, Apr 22nd at a webinar organised by MM in support of Mercy. While we usually associate delivery with products, an enterprising startup TimTim is going building-to-building offering onsite motorbike servicing and marketing the visits as events. For dets, see listings below.

Pick of Online Events (W3+Apr-2020)

Link Digital F&B @ KL
Link Electronic Signatures @ KL
Link No Fakes Marketplace @ KL tix
Link Conversational Marketing @ KL

Arts & Misc
Link Good Posture @ KL
Link Onsite Bike Service @ KL
Link Earth Day Anniversary @ KL
Link Reboot Your Business @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link Shanghai 8x8 @ SH
Link Android CameraX @ SG
Link IoT Body Temp Monitor @ JKT
Link Future-Proofing Industries @ HK