Digital Money

Digital Currency
  • Great time for a programmable digital currency.
  • For boosting economy, stimulus, universal income.
  • Bottom-up: cannot be hoarded or used for, say, liquor.
  • Top-down: cannot be hoarded, or used for, say, lambos.
  • Not convertible to fiat, can be used only within ecosystem.
  • Transparent, non-anonymous. If want privacy, use private cash.
  • Use data analysis to suss out unusual activity eg. black markets.
  • Works online and offline: stored value cards, ewallets, accounts.

Digital Bank
  • Regulated custodian of fiat. digital currency, safe synthetic assets.
  • Does not lend, does not retail investment products or insurance.
  • Revenue through government bonds or user fees.
  • Mainly virtual but has customer facing offices, cards and ATMs.
  • Fast, KPI-based, customer service.
  • Prominent and diverse board of advisors or inspectors.
  • Facilitates cross-border, interbank & tech (Paypal etc) transactions.
  • Open ecosystem, supports gateways, ewallets and dashboards.