WHO Report

A team from the World Health Organisation (WHO) visited CN over 9 days to gain first hand insights into the Covid-19 outbreak and published its findings on the 9th day (24-Feb-2019). Below is a commentary of a summary of that report, plus some tech related topics:

The WHO Report
  • 80% of infections were from family members.
  • 20% of the diagnosed required critical care (respirators or highly concentrated oxygen) for weeks. This suggest the terminal rate of Covid 'in the wild' could be as high as 20% (1918 Flu: 2-3%)? 
  • The tools to battle the coronavirus are logistics (quarantine, sanitisation etc) and healthcare (hospitals, rehab etc). Without logistics as perimeter defence, healthcare would be quickly overrun by an increasing number of cases.

  • If the new normal is to work from home, digital banks (or digital-savvy banks) would be useful. Eg. eKYC to open an account, chat to speak to an officer.
  • The utility of e-wallets, e-payments also come to the fore because 1) it can assist contact traceability and 2) notes and coins could be vectors.
  • Meetups and events can be held via FB's Live, Video Chat or Video (the last option can be quite compelling if done right based on a few we have seen). Other options include Meet [also] and Zoom.