Star Gazing

In the old days, way before television and the internet, folks used to star gaze at night. No one knows what they were looking for but if you have the the chance to watch the stars under a cloudless night sky, not marred by city lights, you will find a magnificent vista that is quite the opposite of squinting at a smart-phone. To learn more about the stars, hear from astro pros on March 11th and March 23rd @ KL.

Pick of Events (W2-Mar-2020)

Link Fintech Industry Meetup @ KL tix
Link Silicon Valley Experience @ KL tix also
Link Halal or Haram in Business @ KL tix also
Link Networking with Startups @ KL
Link Driving Innovation @ KL

Women's Day
Link Women Movie Marathon @ KL tix
Link Women in Upper Mgmt @ KL tix
Link Women's Collective @ KL tix
Link Women's Tipsy Tea @ KL tix also
Link Women's Bazaar @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link Corona Cashflow @ SG also
Link Data Camp @ SG virtual
Link McKinsey Kedro @ SG virtual
Link Product Management @ JKT virtual
Link AI in FMCG @ JKT also