Online Events

With the news of the shelving of F8, IO and SXSW, smaller events are set to carry on online, 3 of which we highlight below.

YC Demo Day W2020
Y Combinator's Demo Day for Batch W2020 proceeds as scheduled starting March 16th, online [tix]. The pitching startups have mostly not been announced yet, here is a sample of a few that have been:
  • RoboTire - Quickly change car tires using robots
  • 1Build - Quick, expert cost estimates for subcontracting bids
  • Datasaur - Manage data labelling workflow pic
  • Paneau - Advertise inside Uber and Lyft rides
  • TradeUp - Education finance: income sharing v snowballing loans
A robot changing tires doesn't seem like a big deal, but this might be the future if EVs are designed to be modular and their components readily swappable.

Seedstars Summit 2020
The Seedstars Summit was to be held at Lausanne from March 31st [tix] but will be conducted online instead and open to the public at large. Not much info is available yet, here are some pitch winners from 2019:
  • Blended - Parent-focused school management system
  • DotGlasses - Low cost, sturdy eye glasses
  • Wobot - Video analytics
  • 7keema - Home nursing app
  • Medsaf - Pharma supply chain management

Composable Banking
Thinking of applying for a digital banking license? Mambu is a cloud platform for banking whose customers include N26, Cheers and MSB. Mambu's tagline is 'composable banking' meaning it provides for third party plugins to augment its capabilities. Hear more about Mambu at its webinar happening March 18th [tix].

Pick of Events (W3-Mar-2020)

Link Going Public @ CJ
Link Insight Driven @ KL
Link Investor Dating @ KL
Link Industrial IoT @ PG tix

Link Art Event Making @ KL tix
Link Art Funders @ KL tix
Link Creative Hackathon @ KC
Link Beethoven Beat @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link Art Publica @ SG
Link Go Europe @ SG
Link Red Velvet Lava Cake @ HK
Link S-Curve Startups @ BKK