Legends and Myths

Video 1: Shown is a soft-cropped clip of Film Score Orchestra's rendition of the score from the movie Legends of The Fall (1994). The score is part of the programme of a charity music event titled Bohemian Fantasy scheduled for this weekend but which has been called off, likely due to public health caution.

Video 2: The clip is from the movie The Myth (2005) with Mallika Sherawat and Jackie Chan in a (sticky rat glue) scene which manages to combine action, humour, a modicum of martial arts and even a dash of salacity. To learn more about Theatrical Combat, check out this workshop happening over the weekend by Lian Sutton (SG-based, PG-born), whose résumé does not fully cover his extensive background in the arts.

Video 3: This video is not embedded above, but you can watch it here. Of the many DIY face masks we have seen, this is the most practical, as it does not require precise measuring, cutting, sewing and uses only a repurposed T-shirt, without requiring strings, bands or wires. If N95 is 95% effective, a DIY mask could be, say, 10% effective, still better than nothing in a tight situation, if handled correctly. [This video is for thought exploration only, you should follow the advice of your local health authorities.]