Musical Music

While compiling a list of eateries that do deliveries, we came across one named 'Dolly'. We couldn't list the establishment due to technical reasons, but the name reminds us of the musical 'Hello, Dolly!'. We don't see many musical movies these days though the genre lives on in animated ones and at Bollywood. Above are three musical clips with some brief write-ups below:

Video 1: Wouldn't It Be Loverly @ My Fair Lady (1964), A professor, on a wager, tries to coach a working class girl to speak 'proper' English to a standard that will allow her to pass off as an aristocrat. A hilarious scene from the movie sees the testing of the pronunciation of 'H' by speaking down a tube which ends in a lit burner: a proper 'H' should flare the burner's flame. Note the humble settings depicted in the video in contrast to posh modern films.

Video 2: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious @ Mary Poppins (1964). A kindly nanny turns up to take charge of two bratty children after they had gone through a line of nannies. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is an actual word, which comprises of super (above), cali (beauty), fragilistic (delicate), expiali (to atone), docious (educable), meaning in sum, 'atoning for educability through delicate beauty'. A intriguing phrase which could mean 'a delicate beauty can make do with less education' or, perhaps, 'beauty is different from purpose'.

Video 3: Hello Dolly! @ Hello, Dolly! (1969). A brash matchmaker hits town with a client and an entourage. The video starts with Dolly, played by Barbra Streisand, artfully bantering with the orchestra leader, played by :Louis Armstrong, before launching into her number.