Lockdown Musings I

Food Delivery
  • Recently, we came across a sponsored post in FB for meal delivery from a nearby eatery. The DIY-ish flyer and price were attractive enough for us to whatsapp over an order. To our surprise, it was the owner who made delivery in his premium ride.
  • FB location-aware sponsored posts could be effective (cost per click is around MYR 1 (USD 0.25, based on the generic info that we have).
  • The design of the flyer is critical for clicks and orders. It should be easy and pleasant to read, show a small sample of dishes in the best possible light (good food photography), displays the eatery name, address, items, prices, order (eg. via whatsapp), payment and delivery info (order by 11am to deliver by lunch, coverage etc).
  • Meeting food expectations is key. In the physical world, an eatery can thrive at a good location even if the food is ordinary or sub par. In the online world, set and meet customer expectations or they likely won't return (ditto repeat orders and word-of-mouth).

Delivery Platforms
  • Delivery platforms are said to be maintaining their 20%-30% commissions even when the eateries are hard-pressed. Perhaps they could offer a sliding rate. Gratis or 5% for newbies or slow movers, 10% for the first x bucks of sales, 20% for the next y bucks etc.
  • Also, platforms tend to list posh eateries at the top of their app display. The top of listings is a core of an online business and probably shouldn't be monopolised by the highest bidders or earners. A randomiser would be useful and much less boring.

Nutritious Sunlight
  • At the office, you would probably spend time under the mid-day sun going out for lunch. Health professionals recommend 10-30 minutes of sun a day for your daily dose of Vitamin D.
  • If you are working from home, you can partake in direct sunlight outside (porch, garden, balcony, opened windows) as sunlight filtered through glass windows is not as good. Otherwise, dietary sources of Vitamin D include fatty fish (salmon, sardines, cod), yolks and mushrooms. 
  • Check Vitamin C and fibre intake too as delivered food tends to be light on these. Sources of the former include fresh chillies, lemons, oranges and raw tomatoes and the latter, wholegrain bread, leafy greens, lentils and bananas. [This post is not business, health or dietary advice and is intended for your further research only.]