Google Online

Google has moved its Cloud Next conference online this year (usual venue is the Moscone Center in SF). Happening Apr 6-8, 2020, register here. Sample topics: [Google has since pared down the program to make it cloud focused.]
  • Healthcare Innovation Factory - Steven Demuth, CTO, Mayo Clinic
  • Technology Vision 2020 - Kishore Durg, Snr MD, Accenture
  • Life Sciences Breakthrough Insights - Kevin Julian, Accenture
  • Fair, Inclusive, Explainable AI - Sara Robinson, Google Cloud
  • Mission Critical AI Solutions - Yuki Makino, CTO, Plaid
  • Public Sector Transformation - Ceci Coates, MD, Dept of State
  • Disrupt An Industry Without Them Noticing - Raj Pathak, Deloitte
  • Life of An Invoice - Lewis Liu, Product Manager, Google Cloud
  • How Seattle Saved Millions with dotMaps - Heather Marx, DoT
  • USA Today: Next Gen CMS - Dayana Hudson, Developer, Garnett
  • Case Study in Astrophysics - Igor Sfiligoi, Developer, UCSD
  • Genomics in The Cloud - Geraldine Van der Auwera, Broad Inst
  • Colgate Palmolive, Google Sheets & SAP - Colgate Palmolive
  • How We Migrated 280K users to G Suite - Adrienne Schutte, PwC

Pick of Events (W4-Mar-2020)

Link Genome Editing @ KL
Link Digital Tax Clinic @ KL
Link Offline to Online @ KL tix

Link Art Book Launch @ KL
Link Art Bazaar @ KL
Link French Festival @ MY

Around The Region
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Link Data Science Open Mic @ SG virtual
Link Elastic Covid @ SG virtual