Corona Hackathon

Facebook and Microsoft, together with WHO, WeChat, TikTok, Pinterest, Slack and others are holding a global, online hackathon for software solutions to tackle the coronavirus. Submit your idea by Monday (March 30th), hack over the next one week, winners will be announced on Friday (April 3th). Themes include preventative hygiene, contact tracing, diagnosis, vulnerable populations, keeping businesses afloat, digitisation of public services and alternative learning. Here are some startups that the organisers have cited as examples of what they are looking for:
  • Project N95 - Medical equipment (eg PPE) clearinghouse
  • Neighbour Express - Deliveries by neighbours, for neighbours
  • Bailout - Help the workers of companies in distress
  • Act Now - Covid map eg where hospitals will be overwhelmed
  • SOF - Buy gift cards from your favourite eateries (cashflow help)
Some further conceptual possibilities:
  • FoodSub - Weekly food delivery subscriptions vs daily ordering
  • Addendum - Update legal agreements affected by lockdowns
  • Hotspot - Smartphone buzzes upon entering a Covid hotspot
  • QuickSwitch - Apply for new jobs created by lockdowns, PPE etc
  • OnBoard - Quick onboarding of offline businesses to online
  • Directory - Directory of online businesses, alt to search engines

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