A Women's War

Video 1: If the Covid outbreak can be imagined as a war, unlike past wars, this time round, it is womenfolk who are sent in large numbers to the front in direct combat roles as doctors, nurses and orderlies.

Video 2: Three millennial women doctors were despatched to isolate the Italian strain of the coronavirus. Hired as temps, working 10 hours a day on hazard duty in hazmat suits, and paid only the minimum wage, the docs got the job done regardless.

Stay safe, stay strong and Happy Women's Day.

[PS: 1. The post tells of the heavy roles held by women in fighting the Covid outbreak. 2. The singer in the second video (lyrics) is used here to represent the 3 women doctors. 3. The two women in the YouTube thumbnails are intended to be viewed metaphorically as sisters-in-arms, not opponents.]