Quarantine Cuisine

Under home quarantine, lockdown or leave of absence? Or company imposed work-from-home or 'stay away from the office for 14 days because you have been travelling overseas'? If your company has asked you to work from home, you ought not skip off to cafes or coworking spaces (on the remote possibility you might have caught the bug from your travels).

If you are bored eating instant ramen or summoning food delivery at home, you can try ordering groceries online to whip up delicious nasi goreng (ID fried rice, variants which can also be found in BN, MY, SG). The video by AU-based Master Chef Adam Liaw is fast-paced and comprehensive. It also showcases how traditional Nusantara (BN, ID, MY, SG) cooking can be rather lengthy and elaborate, and that's perhaps why you can't find them often at budget eateries these days.

Veggie connoisseurs can try substituting chicken with firm tofu, keropok (prawn crackers) with papadam, prawns and belacan with wakame (seaweed), and eggs with yellow tofu. The second video highlights the rarely seen Fujian fried rice which is quite different from the normal Cantonese or Yangzhou versions. In the third video Chef Ruchi Bharani presents the delightful Tawa Pulao ('pan-sauteed savoury rice'), a popular Indian dish.