Miss Cellaneous

After a break of almost twenty years, watchmaker Solvil et Titus rehired the filmmaker who helmed The Flying Tigers (1993) to direct a sequel titled 'Miss Cellaneous' (2011). Although the dialogue is in Mandarin, the film is eminently watchable without knowing the dialogue or the plot. 

The setting is a bric-a-brac shop which the guy runs. The girl approaches him to sell off memorabilia, which apparently belongs to her ex. This is hinted at by her attempt to sell the bicycle and basketball. When the guy asks her whether she rode the bicycle or played basketball, she says she did not (he then notices her watch).

In the Xmas tree scene, the guy asks the girl to just get rid of the tree as it is wilting. But the girl says, after three years, it is still alive, hinting at her pinning for her ex. The tortoise is a metaphor for the girl who is thinking of moving on, 'getting out of her shell'.

In he final scene, the girl approaches the study of the guy and notices he has kept most of the memorabilia she sold to him. She realises the guy may have a crush on her. She tries to sell off some old watches, but the guy says he is only interested in the watch on the girl's hand. She does not sell her watch and leaves the shop. The guy runs after her and tells her if she changes her mind, he'll be waiting to buy it. The film with EN subs.

How is this a sequel to The Flying Tigers? In that film, it is hinted the guy (Chow Yun-Fat) did not return from his mission This indirect sequel tells a story of a person whose feelings remain steadfast over the passage of time.

[Update: English subtitles added.]