Machine Art Curation

Idea into Reality
Interested to know more about your favourite homegrown brands? Meet and chat with the founders who will share tips and experiences learnt through running their brands: Nelissa from Nelissa Hilman, Dahlia from So.Lek, Joseph from WonderBrew, Adrian from The Apothecary [post image]. For tix, see 'Idea into Reality'.

Machine Art Curation
Can't decide what to include in your art exhibition? Have a machine assist you. Explore machine curation in an event by MDA and Goethe, featuring Hans Bernhard of ubermorgen and etoy. Topics: intersection of art & machine learning, machine curation, what to feed machines, algorithmic bias etc. For tix, see 'Machine Art Curation' below.

Pick of Events (W4-Feb-2020)

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Around The Region
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