Contactless Conferences

Major Conferences
With the cancellation of Mobile World Congress 2020 (Feb 24-27), if Covid-19 rages on, other major events might be under review as well, for example:
  • Mar: SXSW [ post image | source ]
  • Apr: Hannover Messe
  • Apr: Facebook F8
  • May: Google IO
  • Jun: Apple WWDC
  • Jun: Cannes Lions
Organisers might make a decision a month or more ahead of the event for the benefit of exhibitors and delegates (ticketing, bookings, accommodation, flights etc). If June events are cancelled or postponed, Euro 2020 and Tokyo 2020 could be in jeopardy too.

Boutique Events
Smaller or boutique events can probably still proceed as they are mainly attended by locals Or try contactless events (online events). Some suggestions based on a few we attended:
  • Short and sweet presentations.
  • Clear audio (more important than vivid video).
  • Clear slides (as and when they are referred to by the presenter).
  • A producer or moderator to direct and pace the event along.