ZABank | SOCar

This post covers some latest developments in digital banks and new mobility.

ZA Bank

Second Wave Digital Banks

Features of ZA Bank
  • Clean interface, clear features.
  • Onboard with a scan of HK identity card.
  • Deposit in HKD, CNY or USD.
  • Fixed deposits as low as $1 with 1, 3, 6, 12 months terms.
  • Interest rate: deposits (~2%), loans (~8%).
  • 'Undo' transaction (within 5 seconds).

SO Car

On Demand Electric Rides

In Other Mobility News
  • NYC - Proposes 2 new mayors: one for bikes, the other for pedestrians.
  • LA - Announces urban mobility incubator: UML.
  • LA - Mulls demanding Uber and Lyft go all-electric.
  • CES - Hyundai to demo personal air vehicle.
  • EU - Strict emission rules start today; bonus for car sales staff.