Picks: MWC | CES

After CES 2020, the next big global tech event is MWC 2020 happening 24-27 Feb @ Barcelona. Sample topics and 2019 awardees (the 2020 shortlist has not been released yet) follow, followed by a recap of CES 2020 debuts that caught the eye of the tech press, one of which is the Insta360 camera shown on the left.


  • HamburgPort - First large scale industrial 5G installation [5G Award]
  • C-V2X - Assisted driving before autonomous [1] [Best Automotive]
  • BubbleCloud - Private LTE network, for extra speed, security [CTO's Choice]
  • GeniePay - Confirm epayment with voice, no PIN needed [Best Fintech]
  • UbaMarket - An app for offline, supermarket shopping [Best Commerce]
  • Night Sight - Low light photography [Disruptive Device]
  • Aquto - Mobile data sponsorship [Best Emerging Markets]
  • JioCricket - Predict cricket matchplay and win points [Best Mobile Marketing]

Best of CES 2020 1 2 3 4 5
  • S-Pod - A Segway that you sit on
  • Suunto - Smartwatch with 70+ sports mode, offline maps, Wear OS
  • Sero - Vertical TV (for vertical smartphone videos)
  • TCL - 5G smartphone challenger
  • Quibi - Netflix for GenZ (mobile first, shorter films)
  • Linksys - Use WiFi signals to monitor intrusion, falls, heartbeat
  • Kishi - Smartphone game controller
  • V-Coptr - Two rotor drone (vs standard four or more): quieter, longer range
  • Insta360 - 360° action camera

[1] Assisted vs Autonomous Driving
Fully autonomous driving could be some time away (like 10 years). What could arrive sooner is assisted or hybrid driving. The vehicle enforces essential rules (see below), the human driver does the rest.
  • No distracted driving (texting, phoning etc)
  • No under the influence (alcohol, drugs)
  • No impaired driving (sleepy, drowsy etc)
  • No unqualified driving (without driving license or insurance)
  • No traffic light running, no tail gating
  • Vehicle enforced speed limits
  • Vehicle enforced lane limits (no queue jumping. no middle lane slow poking)
  • Auto collision avoidance (already available with premium vehicles)
  • Auto ticketing for traffic and parking offences