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InnoVenture Salon is an event of the International Financial Week happening 13-17 Jan 2020 @ HK [tix @ networking pass]. Sample pitching startups:

One way to think of a blockchain is that it is a secure database which can be used for situations where multiple parties need a common database without having to assign trust or control to a single party. A recurrent use case is in cross-border transactions among loosely allied parties. In a situations like this, the hard work is getting all members to agree to a standard and SOP. The choice of database, whether blockchain or otherwise, is just one element in a much larger set of considerations. To delve further into the topic of blockchains, check out 'Blockchain Week' in the listings below.

Pick of Events (W4-Jan-2020)

Link Logistics Outlook @ KL tix
Link Decentralised Finance @ CJ tix
Link Data Visualisation @ KL
Link Continuous Delivery @ KL
Link Product Hunt @ KL pitch

Arts & Misc
Link Sentimental Poetry @ KL tix
Link Hand Colored Photos @ KL
Link Billie Eilish @ KL v1 v2
Link Spargo Mills @ CJ info
Link Rice Wine @ KL

Around The Region
Link Multi-Tenant SaaS @ SG tix
Link 5G Green Society @ SG tix
Link Graph Database @ BKK tix
Link Global Fintech @ JKT tix
Link Liberland @ HK info

Blockchain Week
Link Blockchain Week @ VN tix
Link Blockchain Week @ HK tix
Link Blockchain Week @ KR tix
Link Blockchain Week @ UK tix