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Night Shift
  • The city works round the clock. 24 hour businesses include hotels, NSK supermarkets, convenience stores KK, 7-11, FamilyMart and MyNews, eateries like mamak joints, petrol stations, hospitals, and multi-shift factories.
  • Similarly, the jungles and forests have their night ecosystems too with entire casts of nocturnal fauna. To find out more about animals that do night shift, check out 'Mysterious Forests' below.
  • Post images: MY stamps of nocturnal animals: Asian Golden Cat (kucing tulap) and Moonrat (tikus ambang bulan) via Ainul Mardziah.

Digital Taxes
What's the difference between MY's digital tax, sales tax and withholding tax? [From a query floating around the internet.]
  • Digital Tax This is a 6% tax on the revenue of big tech which big tech passes straight to customers. When you buy $100 [$=generic currency symbol] of ads from Facebook (or Google or TikTok). Facebook will bill you $100 + $6 = $106.
  • Sales Tax This is like a value added tax. You bought the $106 of Facebook ads for a digital campaign that you are running for a client for which you charge $1000 (for optimisation, setup etc). When you bill your client, you add a 6% Sales Tax, thus billing $1000 + $60 = $1060.
  • Withholding Tax Instead of doing the tech stuff yourself, you outsource it to a tech worker in Papua for $300. Since the tech worker does not pay local taxes, you will need to collect 10% withholding tax. You remit $300 to the foreign worker and $30 to the income tax department.
The above illustration is in general only and is not tax advice. Consult your accountant. ERP supplier or regulator for actual details. But there is at least one more tax you will need to be cater for if you sell globally: sales tax at the destination country [eg ID, TH, CN]. To find out more about international taxes, check out 'Global Sales Taxes' below.

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