British Humour

Brexit is happening end of the month (Friday, 31 Jan 2020). Whether it will be UK's (next) finest hour or fluffiest venture, there will always be Brit humour to soothe the journey.

If High Street Shopping Was Like Online Shopping
Has 'online' gotten too far ahead of itself? This humorously perceptive video cleverly examines the topic by the use of offline analogies. Though short and made-for-social-media, the video showcases some fine acting and scripting.

Leading Lady Parts
Actors and actresses interview (audition) for roles in films by acting out (reading) a script in the presence of a casting panel which may include the director, producer and casting director. In the process, the thespians may face all manner of 'discrimination'. This darkishly comedic video features Emilia Clarke, Stacy Martin, Felicity Jones, Florence Pugh, Gemma Chan, Lena Headey, Wunmi Mosaku, Katie Leung and Thomas Hiddleston in double acting roles (actors playing actors). Making up the panel is Gemma Arterton, Catherine Tate and Anthony Welsh.

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