AlibabaHSBC JumpStart

StartmeupHK [10-15 Feb 2020 @ HK] features keynotes, how-to sessions, hackathons, and lessons from founders and investors in fintech, healthtech, smart city tech, IOT, retail & logistics, edtech and more. Join us and experience the shaping of our collective future! Events include: Ecosystem [a|t], Lifestyle [a|t], Retail [a|t], Cities [a|t] and the flagship Alibaba-HSBC JumpStarter [a|t]. Sample:


Pitching Startups
  • AgoraEnergy - Carbon dioxide redox flow battery for industrial apps
  • PhosphoPower - Water hydrolysis battery for industrial applications
  • EcoInno - Biodegradable and compostable kitchenware from cellulose
  • VividQ - 3D holographic displays from 2D screens
  • Gadjian - App-based HR management system (eg app-based payslips)
  • PowerArena - Real-time operational insights from videos post image
  • ReakKey - Zero condition loans (loan submission hand-holding)
  • Stay22 - Assist event ticket holders with accommodation
  • EScharts - Esports analytics (viewers, streams, channels, games)
  • Snipfeed - Facebook challenger (content discovery, sharing, creation)

Pick of Events (W1-Feb-2020)

Link Future Proofing Exports @ KL tix
Link Biz Opps in Asean & Oceania @ KC tix
Link Greek Business @ KL tix
Link World Bank Report @ KL tix
Link Coworking Party @ KL

Link The Diving Bell & The Butterfly @ KL tix
Link The Danish Call Centre @ KL tix
Link Superbowl Livestream @ KL
Link Community Market @ KL tix
Link Music Scoring @ KC tix

Around The Region
Link Central Bank Digital Currency @ SG
Link Keeping Up With Tech @ SG
Link Building A Data Pipeline @ BKK
Link Girls Just Want To Have Funds @ HK
Link State of The Union @ HK tix