Metropolis Design Winner

Design Competition
Indonesia has announced the winners of the design competition for its new capital. First place goes to Urban+ with a submission titled Nagara Rimba Nusa ('A Forested City for The Archipelago'). The second and third places, whose input will also be considered for the city design, was awarded to AntiStatics' The Infinite City and Veritas' Kota Seribu Galur ('City of a Thousand Threads').

Winning Pitch
The winning pitch is in poetry (post video) of which the first four lines read:
Ada satu hal yang patut betul kami sadari
Bahwa memang indah kepulauan kami ini
Menggugus berjajar indah alami
Di situlah letak kekuatan kami
Translation, with poetic license:
Let our awareness be
Our islands resplendent and pretty
Clusters of beads of natural beauty
Our beneficence in actuality