Festive Chatter

Year-end and yuletide festivities get off to an early start this weekend when creative curator Riuh ('festiive chatter') conjures up an ice skating rink in an old railway depot. For details, check out 'Sentul Ice Skating' below.

Pick of Events (W3-Dec-2019)

Link Connecting Ecosystems @ KL tix
Link Winner Influencer @ KL tix
Link Digital Cloud Lepak @ KL 1 2 3
Link SmartCity Petronas Export @ KL 1 2 3
Link Distributed Mumble @ KL also and

Link Sentul Ice Skating @ KL tix
Link Recital Chamber Works 1 2 3
Link Design Trends 2020 @ KL also
Link Turtle Conservation @ KL
Link Passion for Arts @ KL

Around The Region
Link Climate Change @ JKT
Link Deep Dive Funding @ JKT tix
Link Deep Tech 2020 @ SG
Link Digital Transformations @ SG
Link Edible Art @ HK

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