Autonomous Identity

Autonomous Identity
In a previous post, we speculated on a minimalist identity card which gives away little or no information except for one-time identity numbers which are authenticated by central servers. What we if we go further and remove the need for central servers, thus making the identity card (or app) autonomous of a central authority?

Scouts and Guides
But how would such a 'serverless' identity service work? Conceptually, one way would be like the badges of scouts and guides. For a scout, the uniform is the identity substrate and the badges sown on it. the credentials. Examples of scout badges are camping, climbing, first aid, life saving [post video] and woodworking. If a scout is interviewing for a life saver post at a swimming pool, he could wear his uniform with his life saver badge as an initial proof of his capabilities.

Identity Tokens
What if the license to drive, passport to travel and attestations of learning are badges too? This could be implemented as an identification ecosystem similar to distributed cryptos with badges as non-fungible tokens. Thus, currency can be not only money but also essential credentials like a passport. The Ethereum community is having a meetup on autonomous identity on Thu, 9th Jan 2020, 7:30pm @ KL, see 'Self Sovereign' below.

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