WeWork Food

Cloud Kitchens
From eating in, we moved to dining out. then to having food delivered and to cloud kitchens. Going further, there is a possibility Gens Z and Alpha may take cloud kitchens back to its original, most distributed form: home cooking. Hence a a recent trend of kitchen tech including a few below. EOY is upon us, clearing out our startups intray:

WeWork Food Labs Accelerator (US) via post image
  • Katif - Autonomous farm
  • FarmShelf - Shelf-sized, self-contained urban farm
  • HotSpot - Griddle that uses heat pixels instead of flames

Cocoon Pitch Night (HK) via
  • TouristPass - Tourist starter pack: rides, wifi, tickets, meals, insurance
  • Varm - A micro kitchen that streams, grills and bakes
  • Stryde - Make your fitness goals public so friends can goad you on

AppWorks (TW) via

Pitch@Selangor (MY) via social enterprises
  • Langit - Besides white rice, a mosaic of other colours
  • Havva - Grow up to 140 plants in a table-sized urban farm
  • Kravve - Marketplace of home-made produce

Some of the startups above may look mundane but there could be hidden value:
  • TouristPass Visitors to a country are often bothered upon arrival by currency, phone, data, transport and other issues. What if there is a starter pack, preferably bundled as a smartcard or app, that takes care of all these.
  • Telepod Nice targeting of EV niche: macro (trucks, cars, bikes), mini (bicycles, scooters), micro (unfilled), nano (shoes, as in walking). Mini and micro mobility could be boosted once mobility is more digitalised (cars programmed to give way to scooters which in turn give way to pedestrians). May require riders and pedestrians to wear a transponder.
  • Mellow Obvious niche but unfilled, could be used to teach kids financial stuff. A check of the the app's permissions shows it does not require access to identity or contacts, a rare distinction (and perhaps a legal requirement in some jurisdictions for a kid's app).
  • Langit is selling different varieties of rice. Folks eating out are probably consuming generic, stock rice. Eating other varieties is always prudent, delicious and nutritious. Ditto for wheat.