WeWork EcoCity

WeWork is opening its second MY space at the top floor of Mercu 2 @ KL Eco City and will be hosting an open house on Thu, 12 Dec 2019, 2pm-8pm [tix]. Opportunity to check out KLEC Mall and the penta-bridge pedestrian link from Abdulllah Hukum to MidValley. [Video: A walk from the LRT station to MidValley, the lifts to WeWork are likely on the left of the escalators shown at 1:12, nitevid. Image: WeWork Sydney.]

Pick of Events (W2-Dec-2019)

Link Hacking RFID @ KL tix
Link Data is Gold @ KL tix
Link Export Fund @ KL also and
Link Consumer Tech @ KL 1 2
Link Inclusive Food Startup @ KL 1 2 3

Arts & Misc
Link Eco Fest @ JB tix
Link Year End Chill @ KL 1 2
Link Making News @ KL tix
Link Blind Date @ KL tix
Link Ilham Classical @ KL tix

Around The Region
Link Nongsa D-Town @ SG tix
Link Tech Trends 2020 @ SG
Link F&B Acceleration @ JKT tix
Link Back to Basics @ HK
Link Bitspark Hive @ HK 1 2