Pick of CNBC's Startups

A sample (pick) of CNBC's startups of 2019:

Petal offers a credit card that is tightly paired with with an app, and with an emphasis on budgeting over spending, with no annual fees and which accepts sign-ups with no credit history by paying a deposit. Tagline: Petal helps people build credit, not debt.

Mammoth Bio Imagine you are a food tester tasked to find dishes that contain red colouring. One way is to get a sample of  a dish, take it back to the lab and do testing. This may take days or weeks. A faster way is to obtain soft copies of the eatery's purchase orders and do a text search for 'Red Food Colouring, 'E129', 'Red 40' etc. Mammoth Bio uses a CRISPR gene editor to quickly find pathogenic DNA vs drawn-out lab testing.

Dust Identity When you splash paint on a canvas, it would be hard to replicate the splash down to the nano level (at the macro level you can scan and reprint it). Dust Identity is sprinkling nano-diamonds on items to uniquely identify them (diamonds because they are hardy and food safe). To secure a bottle of olive oil or honey (much cloned items), sprinkle nano-diamonds on the seal. The nano-diamond pattern as recorded at the factory can later be scanned to verify source and authenticity. And, any tampering of the seal (eg. to switch the content) will disrupt the pattern.

Link Tree A business or individual may have a number of online presences, including website, IG, TW, FB, YT, LI etc. At certain times (depending on algo updates) and for certain sites, Google searches do not show the canonical site (ie. the defining site), but instead link to FB or LI (or nothing at all), from which you need to click through to find the website. What if a single link or URL points to all of your online touch points (which you can define) including events and articles (and what if Google recognises this as your canonical website)? That's what Link Tree is working on.

Arkosse :Labs Say, you typically use your credit card to pay for (restaurant) nasi lemak, in KL with the bill at 30-100 bucks. One fine day, a transaction is received by the credit card processing company stating the card is being used to buy butter cookies to the tune of 500 bucks in SG. Arkose Labs would detect the anomalies (items, price point, location), and instead of blocking the transaction, will immediately send you a challenge to verify if you are indeed making the purchase.

Trusona Usernames, passwords, OTPs (SMS PINs) and hardware token generators can be a drag, including forgotten passwords, mistyped passwords causing account lock outs, OTPs delayed by server or telcos, and misplaced token generators. Tuscona proposes to use the smartphone as the authenticator for web logins. The website presents a QR code, you use your phone to scan the code, and the phone (via an app and the internet) then authorises the web page to allow you to login.