New Digital Banks

US Digital Banks
While Europe digests digital challenger banks and Asia mulls ewallets and digital banking licenses, the US incubates an armada of digital banks. Sample:
  • T-Money - Telco bank pays 4% interest while everyone else pays 1%
  • LikeBank - A bank that lives in messaging apps (telegram etc)
  • Envel - Emphasises the slow accumulation and safekeeping of money
  • Chime - Mobile check deposit (just take a pic) and virtual cheque book
  • Watermark - Digital bank for businesses: treasury, liquidity, lending
  • Mi - Business banking: e-cheques, money market, cardvalet
  • RisingBank - Focus on Certificates of Deposit and High Yield Savings
  • Azlo - Digital banking that integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, Wave
  • Zenus - Open a US bank account from outside of the US
  • Oxygen - Bank for gig-economy: awarded best digital bank in US
  • Joust - Digital merchant account for independent professionals
  • StudioBank - Boutique bank for creators
  • Step - Mobile banking for teens
  • Simple - Tells you how much of your money is Safe-to-Spend®
  • GoBank - Has 'fortune teller' (budgeting) and 'money vault' (stashaway)
  • Booyah! - A bank that uses MLM-like techniques for recruitment
  • Aspiration - Donates 10% of profits to charity, invests only in green funds

EU Digital Banks
Not to be eclipsed, Europe is building a second wave of digital banks. Sample:
  • Galeo - Open a bank account in whichever country we operate in
  • Prepaid - Banking via wearable wallets: FitbitPay, GarminPay
  • - Royal Bank of Scotland-NatWest's digital only bank
  • CountingUp - Integrated current account and bookkeeping
  • Monese - Named best challenger bank in Europe
  • Fire - Open multiple GBP & EUR accounts for segregating funds
  • Engage - Digital community bank: high street without the costs
  • Griffin - White label digital bank: start a digital bank fast
  • Contis - White label digital bank: skin our UX or build from API
  • Osper - Prepaid debit card and money management app for kids
  • PixPay - Teen digital banking with paired parent-teen app fr
  • 131 - RU digital bank that facilities engaging RU gig workers
  • Anna - Comes with merchant account, debit card and invoicer
  • Bud - Open banking: 2-way marketplace for financial products
  • Cleo - Money management app [has potential without being a bank]

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