Lounge Musician

At concerts and shows, the music and performer take centre stage. Lounge music, on the other hand, takes a step back to play a supportive role as a social relaxant. It may range from the thumping beats at hip bars, to the soft, background music at airports, to live piano music at high-end establishments.

For lounge music, the typical genre is easy-listening jazz as pop music may draw attention away from social interactions. Classical music can be lounge music too but it will have to be a very posh establishment to engage a group of classical musicians.

There's a big difference between recorded and live lounge music. For the latter, in addition to the audio fidelity of a live performance and the pianist's personality, the pianist can also gauge the mood and composition of the crowd and select the songs to match.

In the video above, lounge musician, Sangah Noona (US-KR, ex-commercial pilot) plays Yesterday at home with lights dimmed lounge style (here's her playing live at a lounge). [For more Beatles, check out One Night Only happening this weekend, Sunday @ KL.]