Jars & Spectrometers

More startups from our intray:

FoodStars Agrifood Accelerator (US) via
  • Kascade - Low tech application of solar energy: distillerdryer
  • Gabanna - Posh pasta from humble green bananas
  • Farmee - Urban farming starts from people (the farmers), not tech

SOSV Food-X Accelerator (US) via
  • Wasteless - Automatically price perishables to get them sold
  • TrueMade - Boost the goodness of sauces (eg ketchup) by packing in veggies
  • SimplyGoodJars - Delicious food in jars top video

Grow Accelerator (SG) via

Catalyst Space Accelerator (US) via
  • Exotera -  Affordable, solar electric, rocket propulsion systems
  • KLEOS - RF (vs light) seeing, low-orbit satellites: suss out unseen RF activity
  • MemCPU - New CPU architecture: alt to heuristics, quantum computing