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Asia Rocks
Asia Rocks (13 Nov 2019 @ TW, also) brings together ecosystem builders to help startups enter Asian markets. Participating builders include:

Ecosystem Builder
'Ecosystem Builder' is still a nascent term which came into use a couple of years back (based on a rough etymological check). Here's how it can be viewed as a progression:

  • Individual Most of employees and small business owners fall into this category. Focus is directed at assigned or self-managed work.
  • Connector Still an individual, a connector has good social and networking skills and can connect individuals for business, social or hobbies.
  • Group These are groups of ten to fifty in size. A group can be a small business, an old-school tribe or clan, or a hobbyist group which goes hiking together every weekend.
  • Community With the advent of the internet and social media, groups can grow to hundreds, even thousands in size. The members are acquainted online and are likely not to have met each other face-to-face. The community may hold meets, eats, drinks, events, or it might direct its energy to causes.
  • Ecosystem This is a community of communities. In a modern sense, the term 'ecosystem' refers to a vertical of startups, accelerators, incubators, investors and catalysts (grantors, regulators). More traditionally, it points to an industry eg an automotive ecosystem that encompasses research universities, vocational colleges, movers, factories, showrooms, markets, suppliers and retailers (eg charging stations). An even more traditional ecosystem is a nation. It is non-trivial to start, build and maintain an ecosystem.

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