Double Wok

Brinc is holding its Fall 2018 Demo Day on Thu, 28 Nov 2019, 6pm-9pm @ HK. Picks:
  • On2Cook   Mcrowave on top and wok at the bottom.<newline>
  • SeagrassTech - Saltwater and non-arable land? No problem for algae.
  • KfxLabs  - Fibre optic data speeds using metal waveguides

Chinaacelerator is holding its 16th Demo Day Wed, 27 Nov 2019, 2pm-6pm @ CN. Picks:
  • ViAct - Use computer vision to monitor construction sites
  • Kno - An app to bridge factory workers and brand owners
  • Neufat - Use AI test prep to prepare for AI job testing

Bonus: Pear vid
Pear ('founded by penniless immigants') is a venture fund focused on startups by ivy league grad founders. It held its demo day on 21 Nov 2019 @ US. Portfolio picks:
  • Capella - Synthetic-aperture radar. satellites: see thru cloud & darkness vid
  • Millibat - Mini lithium ion batteries for gadgets and wearables
  • Gradio  - Machine learning assisted data sampling

  • On2cook uses the term 'smart cooking device, not 'wok'. The startup is based in IN where the wok is known as the karahi. It is said the wok has it roots in IN and arrived in CN via SE Asia, thus possibly: karahi (india) → kuali (nusantara) → kuo (mandarin) → wok (cantonese) → wok (english).