With news of WeWork in a pickle, here's a sample of coworking chains forging on:
  • Convene - Enterprise focus
  • Industrious - Premium WeWork
  • Knotel - For large companies only
  • The Wing - Exclusive, women-only
  • Novel - Half the cost of lease + fittings
  • Serendipity - Hospitality, not coworking
  • Spaces - Quietly, a global chain from Europe
  • Breather - Space to yourself (vs cowork distract)
  • Huckletree - Sector not desks focused (eg fintech)
  • Bee+ - 8 hours work | 8 hours leisure | 8 hours sleep

As compared to WeWork's leasing, Industrious, Convene and Knotel work in partnership (eg. profit sharing) with building owners, Breather is available as a franchise or white label, and Novel owns its buildings, giving it flexibility in fit-outs, facilities and rental it charges. Knotel also offers Geometry, an office furniture subscription service for instant pop-up offices (coworking where you want it, when you want it). [Reading: 1 2 3 4 5]

What about IWG-Regus? We are classifying it as a business services company, not 'coworking' as the term is popularly taken to mean. Regus (4,000 locations vs WeWork's 1,000) is everywhere including remote Balikpapan not far from ID's proposed new capital. The vicinity looks like an ideal coworking location with surveyors, architects, builders and businesses moving in to develop the capital and needing temporary setup space.