SoftBank Dyson

Softbank has hit the doldrums lately with travails at WeWork and lacklustre listings of Uber, Guardant and Slack (though it gained an upside with Ping An). Here's a sample of the rest of its Vision Fund portfolio:
  • Light - Because Lidar is short-sighted and radar is blurry-sighted
  • Fungible - Because SSD is 100x faster, network 1000x but CPU is just 2x faster
  • EnergyVault - Store energy as gravity potential (lifting up blocks of concrete)
  • BrainOS - Operating system for robots (no need to reinvent robot intelligence)
  • SpatialOS - Focus on game & players, we take care of the servers, networks
  • Zymergen - Use machine learning and genomics to source for new materials
  • Reef - Monetise carparks (fulfilment hub, central kitchen, event venue etc)
  • MapBox - White label Google Maps for developers

The James Dyson Award is noteworthy for its novelty of submissions, focus on youth inventors and project reporting (full listing of short listed projects, science behind each, the people, website and product video). Sample 2019 finalists:
  • AirDisc - All new aircon design that uses 150W instead of 1000W
  • Eve - Personal safety wearable for women (detects struggling etc)
  • Aeroflux - Contactless magnetic brakes: does not require giant magnets
  • VitaCam - Use advanced facial recognition for health diagnosis
  • Floax - Drain cover that lets water in but keeps the mozzies out vid
  • Eddy - Retrofittable laundry machine filter for micro-plastics
  • Maya - Modular vehicle (like how you would assemble a DIY PC) vid
  • Marinatex - Fish scale plastic that is stronger than LDPE (plastic bags)