Waku Waku Kei Car

Waku Waku [Corrections]
The Tokyo Motor Show 2019 is happening Oct 24 - Nov 4th. The star of the show looks to be kei car maker (kei cars are the smallest possible cars legal in JP) Daihatsu which will be unveiling: [1 2 3]
  • Waku Waku ('excitement') - SUV the size of a kei car
  • Wai Wai ('cute excitement') - MPV the size of a kei car
  • Tsumu Tsumu ('modular') - Pickup the size of a kei car
  • Ico Ico ('iconic') - Autonomous kei car
The post image is of the Tsumu Tsumu which teases an integrated drone.

The Tokyo show features a consumer portion which includes a dedicated track for rides in vehicles being showcased, a future gadget show, a drone race and esports. Similarly, the Intelligent Transportation System World Congress (ITS-WC) happening Oct 21-25 @ SG offers public demos of autonomous vehicles EZ10, MooVita, Autonom and Volo.

Latest Mobility News UAM=Urban Air Mobility

  • Transcend will offer a Manhattan-Boston eVTOL service for USD 283 with a flight time of 36 minutes. The travel distance is approx 200 miles (320 km).
  • The USD 283 price is not much higher than $200 ($150 airline ticket + $50 airport transfer) as the service is point to point - eVTOLs take off and land vertically and do not require an airport, thus flying city centre to city centre.
  • The eVTOL duration of 36 minutes compares favourably in terms of time and convenience to standard flights which may take 3-4 hours: 1 hour to travel to the airport, 1 hour check-in, 1 hour taxing and flight, 1 hour check-out and travel to the destination.

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