Point of Sale

Device of Sale
The point of sale (PoS) is the place and time where a sales takes place, usually when goods are exchanged for cash, or in modern terms, the promise of delivery of goods in exchange for cash or cash equivalent (eg emoney). Methods of recording sales:
  • Ledger -Sales are recorded in pen and paper in a sales ledger
  • Register - Sales are rung on a cash register (mechanical, electronic, cloud)
  • App - Sales are transacted via an app from mobile or desktop devices

App-based PoS
Advantages of using app-based PoS in physical retail, with particular reference to F&B:

  • Green - Do you keep or throw a whole bunch of (pesky) paper receipts (many of which the ink fades in a couple of months)? It would be great if receipts can be issued and kept electronically. (This may take some time to realise because as of now, payment processors, including ewallets, are generally fire-walled from recording detailed receipts on the long-standing principle that such detailed data will give them too much data resolution and power.)
  • E-Ordering - This is just catching on. Instead of ordering from a menu via wait staff, order using an app from an electronic menu. The point of ordering could also be the point of payment and table reservation. (Food preparation should commence only when customers have arrived and are seated to avoid food waiting for customers, or customers rushing to the eatery thinking their food has been cooked).
  • New F&B Models - E-ordering could avail eateries to new business models: 1) order and pay early for discounts, ala budget airline style. 2) Insist e-ordering a week ahead, thus inventory can be just-in-time amd just-in-quantity 3) long lead e-ordering also allows dishes which take a day or more to prepare to be offered, for example, double-boiled herbal soups, rendang (slow-cooked, reduction curry) and biryani (overnight marinade and charcoal cookiing).

Restaurant E-Ordering Apps sample
  • Menu - Dining experience redefined (US)
  • Netwaiter - Increasing your bottom line (US)
  • WeEat - Faster and smarter way to order (MY)
  • Aliments - Sit back and relax (MY)
  • CutQ - The ultimate order ahead (SG)
  • Waitrr - Order and pay faster (SG)
  • TabSquare - Seamless mobile ordering (SG)
  • QueQ - No more queues (TH)
  • Aigens - Kiosk, mobile, CRM (HK)
  • OrderUp - Advanced order tech (AU) image
  • Ritual - Make friends with food (CA)
  • Hungrrr - Your customers are hungrrry (UK)