Newest Capital: Kartanegara Paser

Indonesia has announced the capital of Indonesia will be moving from Jakarta to an area at the border of Kutai Kartanegara and Penajam Paser Utara in the island of Kalimantan starting 2024.

  • Jakarta might be the first city to move due to the prospect of rising seas.
  • Other factors: subsidence. stretched infra, congestion and volcanic risks.
  • Kutai Kartanegra is host to Indonesia's first smart city initiative, inspired by FujisawaSST.
  • Satellite photos of the border between Kutai and Penajam suggest that the area has already been mostly cleared (thus no new forests need to be fell).
  • Jakarta = Jaya Karta = 'peaceful success', what will the new capital be named?

  • Have a local or international competition for the city design.
  • Design from human scale up vs building scale down.
  • Make the city cosy and intimate, not too officious or aloof.
  • Leave natural vegetation be, do not convert into manicured lawns.
  • Grow the city organically in phases.

Bonus: Resilient City
The focus of cities has become less of IoT, self-driving and big data ('smart city') and more of sustainability, survivability and resilience.
  • Water - Multiple sources, dry spell resistant, clean rivers
  • Food - Self sustainable on local supplies or reserves
  • Power - Able to minimally function without electricity, internet, phones
  • Commerce - Able to survive on local commerce if global trade breaks down
  • Order - Contingency planning and drills, getting all stakeholders involved

The post title is a name play of Kutai and Penajam. Kartanegara Paser could be translated as 'a peaceful and focused country'.