Multi-Modal Mobility

The Frankfurt Auto Show 2019 is happening over the weekend (12-22 Aug). The formal name of the show is IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung). During odd numbered years passenger vehicles are on show, even years, commercial vehicles. Show highlights: Lambo Sián, VW ID. Sample conference & trends topics:

Conference abbreviated titles
  • Mobility via Digitaliztion, Multimodality & Decarbonisation - VDA
  • Vehicle-to-Everything in 5G Standardization - Fraunhofer
  • The Future of Non Car Ownership - Oply
  • Tomorrow's Consumer: Gen Z - JUV Consulting
  • Save Money with New Mobility - Sixt SE
  • Autonomous Vehicles in a Cashless World - Visa
  • Regulations: Accelerator or Handbrake? - Qualcomm

Trends via

  • Dashboard The dashboard hasn't changed much in basic design (speedo, tacho, fuel etc) and size. This might be about to change with a 48-in wide dashboard from Byton (no more squinting at Waze from a tiny cellphone screen) and head-up displays frrom WayRay.
  • Registration Plate Important as they are, registration plates have pretty much been stamped, letter glued or painted since Henry Ford's days. Exceptions: Germany's tamper-proof stickers, India's security plate, US's liquid display Rplate, and Cayman Islands, Peru, Honduras and Philippines' RFID plates, which 'triple plate' a vehicle (physical plate, RFID plate & RFID windscreen).
  • Tyre Although they look unchanged, tyres have steadily evolved: from natural rubber to vulcanised, from cordless to steel corded, from bias to radial , from tubed to tubeless. Currently getting high tech attention: tweels, airless, self-sealing, flex-rims, dandelion rubber, sensors, spherical tyres.
  • Multimodal Transport Instead of choosing a vehicle to drive or ride, you choose the fastest, most cost-efficient and/or most pleasant mono or multi-modal transport using an app. Nascent inter/multi-modal platforms: Moovel, [post image] Qixxit, GoogleMaps, Uber, Didi.

Multi-Modal Mobility
Say, you are to travel from Cyberjaya (suburb) to KLCC (city centre) to attend an event during evening peak. You fire up a mobility app, and it shows the following options (mode, travel time, cost, $=generic currency indicator=MYR):
  • Fastest: Air taxi: 30 mins @ $100
  • Cheapest: Ride hailing (to station), rail (MRT2 to KLCC): 1 hour @ $10
  • Wildest: Bike sharing (Harley): 1 hour @ $50
  • Poshest: Luxury car hailing (work in the car): 1.5 hours @ $70
  • Greenest: Bus (to station), rail (MRT2 to KLCC): 1.25 hours @ $0 
The greenest option is zero cost with the use of a public transport subscription card. Driving your own car will take 1.5 hours and cost $30 (toll, parking, mileage).

Latest Mobility Updates 

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