Food Hackathon

Brinc is holding a food hackathon on 20-Sep-2018 @ HK as a lead-in to Food's Future Summit (11-12 Oct @ HK) and Brinc's foodtech accelerator program. The theme of the hackathon is 'new recipes'.

Urban Food
The hackathon's FB page is notably informative; from a quick read, here are some ideas to explore for food and/or the hackathon:
  • Breakfast is an important meal, but the usual morning fare (in some locales) isn't the most nutritious, though it might be tasty: jam & bread (high sugar content), mee goreng (high salt and oil content), dimsum (meaty) and roti prata/chanai (the original light, fluffy bread has turned oily and leathery). Can you design a breakfast meal that is delicious, fast-to-cook, pocket-light, not tummy-heavy, and easy to partake on-the-go?
  • Deep fried items are increasingly popular street food. Have you noticed food fried in black coloured oil? Black indicates the oil has been overheated/burnt, not filtered before reuse and/or reused too many times (for chicken frying, the oil shouldn't be reused more than 3 times). Is there a way for diners to tell if food has been fried in unhealthy oil?
  • Lunching at the cubicle to catch up on work? Wolfing down pungent vindaloo at the cubicle might be a distraction for colleagues. Can you craft a lunch snack that is delicious, nutritious, easy-to-buy, package and/or deliver, discreet to chomp on, and does not make a mess of the table?

Nasi Lemak
Continuing on the theme of 'new recipes', in KL, nasi lemak bungkus (rice cooked in coconut milk with a side of spicy condiments and sold in packets) is a popular breakfast. Here's a possible remake:
  • Use unpolished rice (extra fibre, vitamin B, folate, selenium) 1
  • Add tomato slices and pickled red onions (extra vitamins C & K, potassium, antioxidants) 2 3
  • Replace factory-produced, pre-fried anchovies and peanuts with fragrant, delicious, crunchy, freshly fried ones (extra protein). 4
  • Drop anchovies and onions from the sambal (the chilli paste condiment) to simplify cooking and reduce cost, and to allow the flavours of chillies and spices to come to the fore.
Like to explore more but can't make it to HK? Check out MaGIC's agritech and foodtech bootcamp happening November @ KL, applications close 23-Sep-2019.

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