Developing Smart Cities

Digital Putrajaya is happening Oct 3-5; Cloud Expo, Oct 9-10; Electronics Fair, Oct 13-16. Complimentary admission. Sample topics:

Digital Putrajaya @ MY tix

Cloud Expo @ SG tix

Electronics Fair @ HK tix
  • V2X for Connected Cars - KeySight
  • Smarter Digital City 3.0 - Google
  • Compute in The Era of 5G - Nvidia
  • Smart City Powered by 5G - Astri
  • Mi's Marketing Strategies - Hisense
  • Cloud-Driven Robots - Wandelbots
  • MiniLED & MicroLED - Solomon
  • Smart Measurement - API
  • Blockchain for Real Estate - Agility
  • Blockchain USIM with 2FA - QLC

Pick of Events (W2+Oct-2019)

  • ISO 37106 is a template for getting to and running a 'sustainable, smart city'. It does not prescribe what to do but sets out a framework which the subject matter can be approached: vision, governance, engagement, procurement, interoperability, reference model etc.
  • The term 'smart city' was initially applied to the use of IT, eg IoT, and data to assist in the running of a city. Its scope has since grown to encompass other desirable attributes for a city like new mobility and sustainability.
  • Alt-examples of smart cities based on outcomes: a) a city where residents walk or cycle as much as they drive or ride b) a city designed people up vs buildings down c) a vibrant, self-sustaining city that is meaningful to all stakeholders d) a laissez-faire, organic, chaotic yet thriving city e) a city where residents can breathe fresh air, enjoy greenery and hear birds sing.