YC S2019 Startups

Y Combinator's Summer 2019 batch is having its Demo Day (19-20 Aug @ SF | apply for Winter 2020 batch here). Among the notable grads are:

Mighty aims to dramatically speed up Chrome-based browsing and drastically reduce CPU and memory hogging. Not much details are available but we are guessing it is a Chrome extension that allows rendering of pages using cloud servers with the rendered pages streamed to the browser. This could be promising as, even as CPU and broadband speeds have increased, browsing seems to be getting slower, likely due to the rising use of javascripts, adware. trackers, pop-ups (sign ups, chatbots etc), videos and images. Cloud rendering could also potentially provide better security by blocking dodgy scripts and sites.

Kern proposes to store data in DNA. How compact is DNA storage? Currently an entry level thumb drive stores 32 GB, about 8 movies. A DNA thumb drive can store all of Google's data which is said to be around 10,000 petabytes (petabyte = 1,000,000 GB). More than its data density, since DNA is 'biological' but mostly inert in in itself, it can be inserted into food, liquids, streams. pharmaceuticals, textiles for labelling and identification.

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  • Multis - Since crypto is decentralised and bank-free, the ewallet is the bank
  • Wren - Fund a project that offset your (or your company's) carbon footprint
  • Sable - Digital bank that is friendly to foreigners
  • Marble - Move over cash till, self-serve kiosks are the new point-of-sale
  • Lumineye - See behind walls for firefighters, police, and search and rescue
  • Node - Build a house like you would assemble IKEA furniture
  • Traces - Id via body shape, hairstyle etc, more accurate, less intrusive vs face
  • Tensil - Custom AI chips 2x smaller, 10x faster, 200x cooler than GPUs
  • Cuboh - Integrate DoorDash, GrubHub etc into one app for restaurants
  • Nomad - Driver keeps 100%, e-hailing firm collects $25 monthly subscription
  • TRM - Help banks deal with crypto and digital asset risks
  • Boost - The new chemistry: community of cooperative & diligent microbes
  • Lucid - Use drones rather than humans to clean high-rise windows, roofs vid
  • EarthAI - Use AI, drones and autonomous drills to prospect for minerals