Urban Air Mobility

In the post below, we refer to electrically powered, flying vehicles as FEV (Flying Electric Vehicle) as an extension of the word EV. The industry term is UAM (Urban Air Mobility) among others.

FEV: Not For The Masses
  • Unless piloted autonomously, FEVs are unlikely vehicles for the masses.
  • FEVs can move forwards, backwards, let and right and up and down.
  • Drivers are used to 2D driving, 3D flying is a different ball game.
  • The gravity induced up and down part is risky, requires pilots not drivers.
  • No 'fast and furious' (street racing) among office towers on Saturday nights.

FEV: Posh Intracity
  • Rooftops of high rises (or houses) can be converted to FEV pads.
  • Flight path is over a series of pads; in emergencies, FEV tries for nearest pad.
  • Top floor penthouses can install and maintain a private, rooftop pad.
  • Thus, FEV can operate as posh, intracity mobility for the well heeled.
  • Other (non-posh) uses may include neighbourhood patrols, first responders.

FEV: Food Delivery
  • FEVs could also be reimagined as green, autonomous, logistics drones.
  • A party of 10 (visiting friends or family) requires 2 SUVs to go to an eatery.
  • That's approx 5,000 kg (2 SUV x 2,000 kg) + (10 pax x 80 kg) to haul.
  • A drone delivering 6 pizzas + 3 bottles of coke hauls approx 20 kg.
  • Furthermore, a drone might be able to deliver straight to the balcony.
  • Delivery drones are still new: DJI doesn't have one, Amazon is testing one.

  • FEVs fill the niche between cars and helicopters.
  • Although there are autonomous FEV projects such as EHang, it could be some time before these are safe and reliable enough to ferry humans as even the 2D self-driving space is still work-in-progress. Human piloted VTOLs like Uber Elevate [post video] could be the first to launch.
  • Find out more about drones, policies, regulations and aerial work permits in an engineers' meetup on 7 Sep 2019 @ PJ.
  • And more about mobility in meets by Grab and APM (see below).

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