The Mission

The instrument being played above is the oboe, which visually resembles the better known clarinet. Both are long, narrow, straight, windwood tubes ending with the characteristic 'bell bottom'. Its distant relatives from way back may include the serunai and nafiri (MY, ID), nadaswaram and shehnai (IN) and the suona (CN).

Watch as Spanish orchestra Voce Para La Paz (Voice of Peace) performs the theme from the movie The Mission. Coincidentally, our last two linked music clips [1 2] featured the oboe as well. MPO will be performing the Oboe Concerto in a forthcoming show, refer to 'Performances' in the listings below for more details.

Pick of Events (W3-Aug-2019)

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Link Exchange Traded ETF @ KL 1 2
Link Industry 4.0 Forum @ KC KK KL

Link Performances @ KL 1 2 3
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Link Tony Fernandes Comedy @ KL
Link Publika Jazz @ KL tix
Link Kirana Kay @ KL tix vid

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