Synthetic Hegemonic Currency

Hot on the heels of Libra, are SHC and DCEP:

Synthetic Hegemonic Currency (SHC)
This currency is proposed by the governor of the Bank of England. Like Libra, it is to be based on a basket of currencies, but unlike Libra, it is to be supported by central banks. The purpose of this new currency is to help smooth international trade. [glossary: hegemonic=dominant]

Digital Currency Electronic Payments (DCEP)
There is a report China (CN) could be close to releasing its Libra challenger: a yuan-based. CN-backed stablecoin. Since ewallets, eccommerce and electronic money reign in CN, why create a new digital currency? One possible reason is the said ewallets and emoney can only be used within CN, whereas a digital currency can be used anywhere (where it is accepted by users and exchanges).

Stablecoin Meet
True Digital Park is holding a talk on Libra vs DCEP vs Venus this Friday @ BKK. Venus is a stablecoin proposed by Binance, a cryptoexchange [caveat emptor]. Stablecoins are quietly on the go, for though mainstream coins get all the attention, it is stablecoins that are doing business.

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