Open Data

Open Data
Open data refers to a) data that might have been previously inaccessible but is now made available to the public b) data that can be readily reused or republished with few or no restrictions (that is, open as in open source and liberty, and to a lesser extent, as in free beer). A sample of notable open data projects:

  • FiveThirtyEight - ABC News shares the data behind its news, both as meticulously crafted, bird's-eye view graphs and as raw data. [Reading the graphs may require background knowledge of the subject matter. 538 is the number of electors in the US electoral college.]
  • DataGov - The US government's open data portal. An example of data made available is consumer complaints against financial services. It's a huge file (too big to be opened in Excel), in it is a gritty read of the struggles of ordinary folks (and vendors), far beyond the narratives of contemporary fintech.
  • ArrayOfThings - Chicago's array of street sensors that measure temperature, barometric pressure, light, vibration, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, ambient sound intensity, and pedestrian and vehicle traffic [EM levels would be useful too]. The data collected is made available to researchers, universities, local government and the public.

Open Data Hackathon
Join MAMPU's open data hackathon this 3rd to 12th of September 2019 @ Cyberjaya with the aim to create apps that address UN's SDGs, which are in summary are food, water, energy, health, jobs, accessibility, industry and sustainability. The primary data source is DataGovMY whose data sets include the list of MSC companies (tech firms that were accorded tax and other incentives). Looking at the list, the pioneers from 1997 were Intel, Skali, Telekom, NIIT, Measat, Iris, NTT, Fujitsu, Astro, DHL, and among the last entries (as at end of 2017) were:
  • EntityDigital - Digital branding (engagements include SoCar, Sony, Naza)
  • LANworks - Software developer (accounting, fixed assets, manpower)
  • WebMedic - Solve: many visitors to ecommerce site but they don't buy
  • iBanding - Insurance and takaful (shariah compliant insurance) comparison
  • FavorTech - Membership management system
  • ReSolutions - Software for property valuers
  • NightMorning - Game developer
  • SuriaLabs - Web and app developer (engagements include AirAsia, Mydin)
  • AcessMotion - Network shaping for data carriers
  • Pluto - Digital marketing agency (engagements include CIMB, Mamee)

a) Why share data, why not keep matters 'close to the chest'? The answer is left as an exercise for readers. b) Though open data is intended to be 'open', check the provider's terms and conditions for usage. c) Post image is of US energy production via Google Public Data Explorer.

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