Horizon Ventures | Forbes Next Billion

Horizon Ventures is a Hong Kong based venture capital firm closely associated with Lee Ka-Shing. The venture's exits include DeepMind, Facebook, Siri, Skype, Slack, Spotify and Waze. A sample of its current portfolio:

Horizon Ventures
  • PerfectDay - Instead of plants→cow→milk, go straight from plants→milk
  • Evolv - Do multivariate (ABCDEFG) instead of binary (AB) testing
  • Slice - Platform for insurers to offer app-first, on-demand, instant insurance
  • Divergent - Instead of giant car factories, decentralise car making by printing
  • SoulMachines - After chat bots. next up are digital humans
  • Windward - Maritime risk analytics (eg. is that ship carrying junk plastic?)
  • TIPA - Compostable: feels like plastic, looks like plastic but is not plastic
  • Corephotonics - Multi-aperture phone camera optics and processing
  • Cortica - Use AI to output insights from cameras instead of gigs of footage
  • Boabab - Producer of animated, immersive movies sample

Forbes Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2019 via sample
  • Verkada - Easy-to-use, enterprise security cameras
  • NEXT - Uber for goods transport (shippers, fleets, owner-operated trucks)
  • FourKites - Supply chain (ship, rail, truck, rail, lastmile) information system
  • Faire - Wholesaler for mom-and-pop stores, accepts returns of unsold goods
  • CyberReason - Infosec cyber security company of the year 2019
  • ChainAnalysis - KYT (know your transaction) for cryptocurrencies
  • Proxy - Phone-based, bluetooth acccess system (no passwords, no scans)

  • Horizon Ventures' portfolio leans towards early stage, cutting edge
  • Forbes' picks are later stage, with traction towards $1B valuation
  • Proxy uses tokens for authentication thus no user id is recorded at the edge
  • It could be using physical characteristics (walking speed etc) in lieu of scans
  • Thus if user and phone are together, access is auto and seamlessly granted