FastTrack x StartPath

Visa Fast Track via
Fast Track is Visa's partnership programme for fintech startups. The programme provides access to Visa's network and partners. Sample partners and startups:
  • Netspend - An inclusive, prepaid 'digital bank' (think prepaid phones)
  • Paymate - Accept card payments without the hassle of a merchant account
  • GreenDot - Get your salary in advance (your next pay cheque is collateral)
  • BBVA - White label digital bank (banking-as-a-service)
  • Branch | PayActiv - Beneficial ecosystems for low wage earners

Mastercard Start Path
Start Path works with later-stage startups to help scale their business.The program offers curated access to customers and channels, support and strategic investment. Sample portfolio:
  • Voca - Chatbots that chat over the phone
  • Tranzer - Transport super app (train, bus, rides, taxi, bikes)
  • LendingFront - Empower banks to lend to small businesses profitably vid
  • Fligoo - Calculate the probability a person will buy a particular product
  • Veridium - 4-finger id that is more reliable than 1-finger, face or voice id

Bonus: Ewallet Use Case
Prepayment is a robust tool (see Netspend above) as it eschews the uncertainty of credit, secures cash flow and enforces hard budgeting. Here's how it could be applied to ewallets: the ewallet provider works with the bank where the salary of an employee is paid into. Each salary banked in (say 2,500 bucks) automatically prepays:
  • Savings: 500 bucks
  • Fixed expenses: 1,000 bucks [accommodation, transport]
  • Food: 600 bucks
  • Miscellaneous: 400 bucks
The above categorisations and breakdowns are arbitrary, fill in your own numbers as appropriate. The ewallet will try to enforce this predefined budget (a user can only override it by, say, getting approval via a one-time code from parents or significant other, donating to charity or putting some money into long term funds).